ATR Aircraft


Shaping tomorrow's regional aviation

In July 2016, ATR has launched a new corporate advertising campaign in order to reflect changes within
the company, accompany our corporate strategy, support our commercial activities and communicate and reinforce our new brand identity. 
Through 2016 and 2017, as we grow and develop, the critical challenge is to build our brand difference and change the perceptions of our stakeholders – whether they be customers, suppliers, journalists, passengers or members of the financial community – and of the entire industry.
The tagline: “Propelling the Next Connection” underlines ATR’s capability to create links and bring people together wherever they are.  Its artistry and slogan ‘Shaping tomorrow’s regional aviation’ reflects the simplicity of ATR operations and our vision for the future.

Overall, the new ad campaign has been developed to support ATR’s stated mission: “Turboprops connect communities and help their sustainable business growth.” As such, it is an integral part of our bid to shape the regional aviation of tomorrow.
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