2 3 Today more than ever, ATRs are about opening up new possibilities for regional operators… since we can go places others can’t! Last year alone, ATRs helped create 155 new regional routes worldwide. China is a clear example, with a predicted eightfold increase in the demand for new regional turboprops by 2038. During our recent demo tour of the country’s Yunnan Province, our ATR 42-600 made a faultless take-off and landing at Diqing, 3,300m above sea level. No other regional aircraft could serve this airport, given its hot and high conditions and challenging terrain. Meanwhile inJapan,whereATR is alreadywell established, expanding tourism and the need to connect isolated communities mean the country will need another 100 regional turboprops by 2025. JAC showed it was ahead of the game this autumn, taking delivery of an ATR 72-600 less than two years after acquiring the first of its five ATR 42-600s. Another market we are helping to expand is Africa, where we forecast a demand for 285 turboprops by 2038. Spearheading this movement are Air Botswana and Air Senegal, each of which recently acquired two new ATR 72-600s. ATRs are improving access to some of the most remote places in the world and in the most economic and eco-responsible way, but our work doesn’t stop there! We are also constantly developing new tools and services to support our operators. Take our innovative Route Creation Tool, for example, which uses data from 20,000 existing routes and a million city pairs to advise airlines on exactly which routes to develop and prioritise. Or our new ATR 72-600 prototype, equipped to test upcoming developments and innovations. Suffice to say that I am proud to now be at the helm of ATR – opening up new possibilities for our customers, so that our customers can open up the world. I look forward to flying together into 2019! EDITORIAL Project Leaders: Palmira Rotolo, Maggie Bergsma Editorial Board: Adriana Debusi, Ben Peggie, David Vargas Editorial Writers: Newt Production (Jennifer Taylor, Vanessa C. Stone, Shirley Blume), coordinated by Caroline Carissoni Layout: Christelle El-Khouri, Magali Julien Image selection: Anaïs Tarbi, Elio Baino Photos: ATR, Pierre Barthe, Getty Images, Groupe Composer ATR Next Connection is published by ATR Communications 5 360º Demo Tour China: Venturing into New Territory ATR Gains Ground in Japan Driving Customer-Focused Improvements 6 AROUND THE WORLD African Skies 10 OVER TO YOU Gearing Up for Growth – Air Botswana Is Upgrading 12 PROPELLING NEW HORIZONS New Routes To Success D riving Safety and Operational Efficiency Through FDM 18 AT YOUR SERVICE “Strong Customer Support is in our DNA” 20 ON THE MOVE Investing in the Future with a New Prototype 22 DID YOU KNOW Faster Ferry Flights With New Antenna Kit 23 IN BRIEF Stefano Bortoli Chief Executive Officer ATR