ATR inaugurates its new Customer Care Center

On October 23, ATR inaugurated its new Customer Care Center at its Blagnac site. Company executives joined the Customer Care Center team for the opening to celebrate this new phase in ATR’s customer support continual improvement strategy.
Launched at the end of March 2018, the project to re-engineer this department was initiated in just a few months. This new modern and user-friendly space dedicated to supporting ATR aircraft technical operations was configured to focus on two key aspects: Firstly, easier integration for Front Office teams and Technical Experts in order to improve responsiveness by ensuring smoother information exchanges; secondly, implementation of visual management tools to aid the Customer Care Center team. These tools will enable the teams to monitor the progress of all activities in real time on screens located on the platform. This input will help to improve efficiency and provide an overall picture of performance.
Excellent customer support is the primary focus of the strategy of ATR as it works alongside 200 airlines operating more than 1,100 ATR aircraft in over 100 countries worldwide. With more than 1,500 customer requests processed by this department each month, ATR is now providing its customers with a new optimized platform to efficiently and quickly provide answers to technical questions regarding their operating fleet.