An album of little pleasures to share, with ATR

Since 2013, at the UN’s initiative, 20 March has been the International Day of Happiness.  All UN Member States, regional and international organisations and representatives of civil society, including businesses, charities and individuals, are invited to celebrate happiness in all its forms. This year, ATR joined in the fun with the participation of its staff.

While happiness and wellbeing are universal aspirations, they are constantly fluctuating by their nature. Because happiness is, above all, a personal journey, an eminently subjective notion that is of course partly related to our economic, geopolitical and societal context, as well as what each of us expects from life.

At ATR, this inspired a simple question – we asked our employees “What is happiness for you?” The response was a mosaic of precious moments, simple pleasures of everyday life, and happy memories of distant lands … We wanted to share some of these snapshots that are so into life, reflecting the spirit of ATR and the issues we hold dear.

The happiness of taking off and flying away

At ATR, the joy of flying is in our DNA, and there is no need to be a pilot to experience it! Each flight brings a unique sense of freedom and carries a promise of exotic lands, new scenery and other cultures. Each journey by plane is a source of intense emotions: the excitement of the engines going full throttle and, once in the air, this unique feeling of suddenly embracing the earth, the sky and the clouds, to the point of feeling like a bird…

“My personal happiness! Flying with the geese during my vacation and an unforgettable experience”

The happiness of being together

Everything is better shared … As a twosome, with family, or with friends, whether it’s a getaway to the other side of the world or a simple walk in the park or afternoon at the beach, happiness is to be found in every occasion. Moments in life that may appear banal and insignificant on the outside have been given pride of place in our album of Little Pleasures.

“January 2019 in Nepal. To get from one big town to another, on average it takes an eight-hour bus ride in the mountains or… 30 minutes on an ATR!”

The happiness of contemplating nature

Treading the sands of the desert, gazing in wonder at the steep inclines of a rugged coastline, being dazzled by immaculate white sands and turquoise waters, feeling small and insignificant on a mountain top… Nature is a constant source of wonder. Admiring it time and again is one of the keys to happiness but also the best way to become aware of its fragility and our responsibility towards it.

“A pure moment of happiness on a beach on the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia, connected to Nouméa by an ATR operated by Air Calédonie.”
Hélène V

The happiness of feeling alive

To relax and forget your worries, there’s nothing better than physical exercise… Skate, dance, walk or ski, whatever activity appeals to you! Feel the oxygen entering your lungs, your muscles stretching, your heart beating stronger and the adrenaline pumping through your veins while you push through your limits … All these sensations give rise to those moments of wellbeing and profound joy when body and mind become one.

“Every year we spend time in the Canaries islands and we often moved to Fuerteventura & Tenerife in between to follow the best windsurfing conditions and the PWA events (windsurfing world cup) that we did in the past.”
Bastien R