Renewable Future for ATR

As part of ATR’s commitment to limiting its impact on the environment, two of the company’s sites located in the Toulouse area (Blagnac and Francazal) are fully powered by electricity coming from renewable sources, and biomethane, a gas which emits up to 10 times less CO2 than natural gas.

Whilst we are navigating through challenging times, the whole society is calling for aviation to be more sustainable than ever before. With ATR already being the most eco-efficient regional aircraft on the market, it is only natural that the company strongly promotes sustainability as being at the core of its corporate values. This is why ATR is carrying forward its sustainability strategy, and recently signed new energy contracts for its headquarters in Blagnac and production site in Francazal. As of January 1st 2021, both sites are fully powered by electricity coming from renewable sources, and biomethane, a 100% renewable gas produced from organic waste, which enables to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

These three-year contracts, signed with ENERCOOP, for electricity, and SAVE Energies, for biomethane, will enable ATR to support the development of renewable energy on the French territory: the energy will be produced in Occitanie, through a fair-trade approach. A win-win situation!

“We believe that the aviation industry needs to be more responsible. Our aircraft have been doing a tremendous job for years, providing sustainable connectivity to thousands of communities across the globe, and with our low-carbon strategy we are showing the world that it wasn’t just us having the right design at the right time. Sustainability shapes everything we do, and every effort counts to achieve our low-carbon ambitions.” says Frederic Torrea, our Corporate Secretary and General Counsel.