RISING TO THE CHALLENGES of environmentally-aware aviation

Given the increased mobility of goods and people, air transportation has become a major tool for economic and social development, particularly in situations where natural barriers and distances hinder exchanges. Due to this context, travelers are placing greater emphasis on airfare and on respect for the environment.

Our responsibility is to take these major trends into consideration by producing aircraft that combine cost-efficient performance with an environment-friendly approach. ATR has a keen sense of environmental responsibility and strives to minimize the environmental impact of the delivered products and services. The high-tech engines and propeller efficiency of ATR aircraft ensure airlines an unrivalled fuel efficiency and a remarkably low noise signature, thus securing exceptional environmental performance.

  • Lowest greenhouse gas emissions
  • CO2 and fuel consumption reduced by 50% per passenger kilometer
  • Full compliance with the Chapter 4 Noise Regulations

ATR and its partners are all set to participate in international Research and Project Development. The Clean Sky Project is a Joint Technology Initiative for Aeronautics and Air Transport in the framework of ACARE goals in terms of lowering gaseous emissions and noise.