The maintenance training expertise that only a manufacturer can provide

ATR offers maintenance training solutions across all aircraft variants, from legacy aircraft to -600 series. These courses can be customised to your specific needs and delivered on your premises.

Maintenance Courses

Maintenance courses - type rating Part 147

  • T1 technician mechanical course
  • T1 additional avionics course
  • T2 avionics technician course
  • T2 additional mechanical course
  • T3 mechanics course
  • T4 base maintenance certifying engineer course
  • T1 and T2 maintenance differences course

Customised maintenance courses for FAA operators

  • General familiarisation course
  • Avionics course
  • Powerplant course
  • Structure repair manual course

Other maintenance courses non-Part 147

  • Maintenance refresh training T1 and T2 courses
  • Troubleshooting course – all systems
  • PHOBOS course – MFC systems
  • MPC advanced course ATR legacy aircraft
  • ATRnavX ATR maintenance documentation
  • Structure repair manual (SRM) familiarisation course
  • ATR MMEL/CDL maintenance course
  • ATR 42/72 maintenance planning customisation
  • PAMO course
  • Line maintenance best practices course
  • Ground handling course

Power plant courses

  • Engine run-up courses
  • ATR 42/72 500/600 propeller module (HS 568F)
  • Propeller blade line maintenance repair course (HS 568F)

Instructor course

MATRI maintenance instructor course

Training tools


  • Classrooms and workshops
  • ATR Courseware Software: ACOS/ACOS2
  • A set of virtual training tools, such as:
    • Component Location Software (ACLS)
    • Virtual Maintenance Procedure Trainer (AVMPT)
    • Walkaround trainer (AWT)


  • FFS
  • MSTD (Maintenance Synthetic Training Device)
  • Access to aircraft assembly line in Toulouse (Part 21)
  • Access to aircraft in Part 145

Mobile classroom: a dedicated solution on the customers' premises

  • ATR Training Centre delivers its high quality education at your facilities: its mobile classroom includes all training tools to support both your theoretical and practical courses. A truly flexible and money-saving solution.

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