Regional air connectivity supplies essential links between regional hubs and the wider world, which would otherwise require the development of expensive and challenging ground infrastructure or result in long ground travel. ATR Customers are playing a key role by offering vital connections for local communities in isolated or remote regions while boosting the economy, providing better access to education, health and culture. ATR contributes to the mission of its customers by manufacturing aircraft with unparalleled economics and flexibility enabling affordable, responsible and inclusive air transport.

Promote the highest standard of safety

As the world’s leading regional aircraft manufacturer, ATR seeks to achieve the highest level of safety on regional flights. Regional aviation safety is characterised by the specificities of remote destinations and less adapted infrastructure. Designed as a cross-functional structure, ATR has developed a Flight Safety Policy along with an international expertise, based on continuous improvement, to address these demanding operational environments.

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Uphold a stringent quality culture

Quality is a top priority for all ATR employees. Our quality policy, as well as our environmental policy, has been developed and set as the cornerstone of our CSR strategy. The policy integrates every stage in the lifecycle of our products and relies on innovation to improve the performance of our aircraft and services.

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Exemplify customer-centricity

ATR’s main ambitions are to build lasting and trust-based relationships with customers and orient actions towards customer dialogue and satisfaction.

We have a fully dedicated organisation to support our operators and products worldwide meeting various requirements and providing a cost-effective level of maintenance services, off- and on-aircraft.


ATR Sustainability Report 2022