One collection, five configurations



All-Business Class


Bespoke VIP

The collection offers five main cabin configurations that cover different operational needs. These interiors are the result of an innovative approach featuring in-house ATR developments as well as designs provided by our luxury design partners.


The Multi-Class cabin features a spacious layout and interior including a dedicated first class. As regional jets continue to age in the United States, our 50-seat interior is ‘scope clause’ driven.


Our unique “X Space Table“ concept allows operators to quickly convert standard double-seats into single premium seating. Our Premium-Flex option is ideal for boutique airlines and charter operators.

All-Business Class

ATR aircraft are perfectly sized to host up to 30 passengers with an unparalleled all-business class configuration.

This premium offering matches the expectations of Part 135 and Semi-Private operators willing to deliver regional travel experiences that surpass commercial first-class, are more accessible than private air travel and are responsible.


Our aircraft ensure for example that Heads of State can make the most of their time. The lounge-like, well-proportioned front cabin section guarantees the ability to work and rest comfortably.

Staff and guests are also part of the journey with their own dedicated area thanks to the two separate cabins, dual boarding doors, dual galleys and dual lavatories.

By choosing ATR HighLine, governments and leaders demonstrate their commitment to lowering emissions.

Bespoke VIP

Cabins can be tailored to reflect personal lifestyles, operators’ needs or high-end destinations requiring a luxurious experience.

ATR HighLine offers limitless style options, exceptional quality and exclusivity while maintaining a responsible approach.

This makes us the perfect choice for conscientious travelers flying to remote destinations, enjoying the highest levels of sophistication and discretion.

Cut carbon emissions in half

Equipped with the ATR HighLine cabin collection our aircraft offer a more responsible choice for commercial and business aviation operators.

Using the lowest emission technology on the market, ATR turboprop aircraft achieve fuel consumption equal to the smallest business jets but with cabin volumes equal to the largest business jets.

The cabin volume of a large business jet

The ATR HighLine collection offers spacious experiences equal to the largest business jets in the world and surpassing the business turboprop market.

Our extra cabin width and length, full standing aisle and completely flat floor set us apart from 30 and 50 seat commercial regional jets.
Having twice as much cabin volume means unrivalled interior design options impossible to achieve on any other turboprop and regional jet aircraft both commercial and business.

Best-in-class features from nose to tail

High-tech, full-glass cockpit
The most modern avionics in regional aviation. We provide continuous improvements from regular software updates to the world’s first unique features such as SkyLens™ Head-Mounted Display (HMD) coupled with ClearVision™ Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS)

Sustainable turboprop engines
Purpose-built for the missions it flies, our PW127 XTra-sustainable turboprops are certified for 50% SAF blend and performed the world’s first ever 100% SAF-powered test flight on a commercial aircraft

Vibration and noise reduction system
100% reliable and maintenance-free vibration absorbers, combined with high-accuracy electronic control of propellers ensure internal cabin noise equivalent to jets

Access unpaved runways
Equipped with special protection to access unpaved airstrips and secure the fuselage from debris and sand

Generous, accessible cargo compartments
Spacious and separate cargo areas accessible during flight means guests keep belongings close at hand. Cargo holds within arm’s reach and wide-opening doors make it quick and effortless to load even the bulkiest items

Quick access with integrated air stairs
Ground transfer times kept to an absolute minimum so guests can enjoy more convenient journeys thanks to the integrated air stairs

High air quality, low cabin pressure
Top-to-bottom individual airflows and constant injection of filtered air means cabin and flight deck air is renewed every five minutes exceeding hospital operating room standard

Unique Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) performance
The only STOL-capable regional aircraft giving operators and their guests access to a much greater choice of airfields. Just look for a short airstrip of 2,625 ft (800 m) – our aircraft are one of the largest operating in restricted airports

High-speed internet
Keep guests engaged with low-latency internet access, including social networks and video calls across the globe

ATR Unveils Advanced Design of New All-Business Interior

On the occasion of Aircraft Interiors Expo 2024, ATR unveiled an advanced design for its new All-Business Class configuration, just a year after announcing its new collection of high-end cabin configurations – ATR HighLine.

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ATR targets high-end markets with new cabin collection

ATR HighLine offers best in style and comfort across ATR’s family of low-emission aircraft

Hamburg, 6 June 2023 – On the occasion of Aircraft Interiors Expo, world number one regional aircraft manufacturer ATR today unveiled ATR HighLine, its new collection of high-end cabins dedicated to commercial and business operators.

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Technical specifications





ModelsATR 42-600
ATR 42-600S (STOL)ATR 72-600
Take-Off Distance (MTOW – ISA – Sea Level)1,107m | 3,632ft
950m | 3,117ft1,315m | 4,314ft
Range (30 Pax – EASA Reserves – 100NM Alternate)1,465NM | 2,710km
1,420NM | 2,630km1,820NM | 3,370km
Maximum Cruise Speed (95% MTOW – ISA – FL240)289KTAS | 535km/h
289KTAS | 535km/h270KTAS | 500km/h
Cruise Fuel Consumption (95% MTOW – ISA – FL240)620kg/h | 1,367lb/h620kg/h | 1,367lb/h650kg/h | 1,432lb/h
Maximum Operating Altitude25,000ft25,000ft25,000ft
Noise Margin vs. ICAO Chapter 14 Certification-11.4EPNdB-5.1EPNdB
ModelsATR 42-600
ATR 42-600S (STOL)ATR 72-600
ManufacturerPratt & Whitney Canada
Pratt & Whitney CanadaPratt & Whitney Canada
ModelsATR 42-600
ATR 42-600S (STOL)ATR 72-600
Cabin Length10.46m | 411.9’’
10.46 m | 411.9’’14.96m | 588.9’’
Cabin height1.91m | 75.2’’
1.91m | 75.2’’1.91m | 75.2’’
Cabin width2.57m | 101.2’’
2.57m | 101.2’’2.57m | 101.2’’
Cabin Volume45m3 | 1,590ft345m3 | 1,590ft364m3 | 2,260ft3
Cargo Compartment Volume10.8m3 | 381.4ft310.8m3 | 381.4ft310.6m3 | 374.3ft3
ModelsATR 42-600
ATR 42-600S (STOL)ATR 72-600
Maximum Take-off18,600kg | 41,005lb
18,600kg | 41,005lb23,000kg | 50,705lb
Maximum Landing18,300kg | 40,344lb
18,300kg | 40,344lb22,350kg | 49,272lb
Maximum Zero Fuel17,000kg | 37,478lb
17,000kg | 37,478lb21,000kg | 46,296lb
Operational Empty (typical in-service)11,750kg | 25,904lb11,850kg | 26,125lb13,600kg | 29,983lb
Maximum Payload5,250kg | 11,574lb5,150kg | 11,353lb7,400kg | 16,313lb
Maximum Fuel Load4,500kg | 9,920lb4,500kg | 9,920lb5,000kg | 11,024lb

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