ATR solutions

We support our customers in their business development through upgrade solutions enhancing passenger experience, aircraft performance and optimal adaptation to airlines’ requirements.

Choosing ATR Retrofit Solutions guarantees that the aircraft documentation will be automatically updated, simplifying configuration tracking of the aircraft and making future maintenance tasks easier to manage.


• OEM certified solutions

• Continuous airworthiness and regulation evolutions

• Performance standards

Customer’s value

• Operational optimisation

• Fleet harmonisation

• Direct maintenance cost reduction

Manufacturer's expertise

• Best analysis & quality

• Up-to-date technology

Design Organisation Approval partnerships

ATR has developed a strong network of Design Organisation Approval partners with the objective of enhancing efficiency, comfort and operations of ATR aircraft.

Each solution is designed, delivered and supported by our external partners. All external partners have been selected based on their ability to design and certify the external change solutions through the relevant authority.

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