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The ATR Training Centre offers its Customers distinctive training solutions thanks to highly qualified instructors, the latest standards of training devices and unique knowledge of the aircraft, that only an aircraft manufacturer can provide.

Pilot Courses

Pilot type rating courses

  • ATR-42/72 Pilot Type Rating course EASA & FAA
  • Previous experience pilot course FAA
  • ELT/MCC Entry Level Training & Multi Crew coordination course

Additional rating courses

  • Low Visibility Operations
  • ATR 42/72 Pilot PBN course
  • ATR 42/72 Train the Trainer course
  • UPRT course

Pilot recurrent courses

Pilot recurrent courses EASA & FAA

Pilot differences courses

ATR 42/72 pilot differences course EASA & FAA

Pilot instructor / Examiner courses

  • Synthetic flight instructor SFI course
  • Type rating instructor tri course
  • Examiner training (SFE/TRE) course / Seminar refresher

Other courses and services

  • ATR pilot revalidation or renewal courses
  • Upgrade to Captain course
  • CRM trainer course
  • Maintenance check flight (MCF) course
  • Flight crew line training services

Innovative Training Tools

A comprehensive set of 3D trainer tools

  • GNSS/FMS Trainer
  • ATR Walkaround Trainer (AWT)
  • Electronic Checklist Trainer
  • Digital/paperless oriented training

Our modern facilities offer a totally unrivalled training environment

  • High quality classrooms
  • Flight-deck mock-ups
  • ATR Final Assembly Line when training in Toulouse

Customised products to provide the right answer to customers’ needs

  • Performance guide
  • Systems guide
  • Performance Based Navigation (PBN) brochure
  • Flight Data Monitoring on ATR aircraft guide

Dry Training Solutions


FFSATR 42-300/500
ATR 72-200/500
ATR 72-600
FPTATR 72-500 ATR 72-600


FFSATR 72-600
FPTATR 72-600


FFSATR 72-600
FPTATR 72-600

Complementary services included with dry training sessions

  • ACOS & ACOS² : CBT (ATR Computer based training solution)
  • Flight Panel Trainer
  • Protected debriefing station
  • ATR Training Centre e-library

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