Unmatched comfort: the ATR Cabin Experience 

Step into the largest cabin in the turboprop segment, redefining the standards of passenger comfort in regional travel to offer an optimal experience, from take-off to landing.

Carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail with Italian designer Giugiaro, the Armonia cabin, standard on all ATR –600 series aircraft, offers several flexible layouts depending on airlines’ needs and incorporates cutting-edge cabin technologies to offer each passenger a spacious environment, along with a sense of tranquility and ease.

Flexible cabin configurations

Neo-Classic and Neo-Prestige Seats:

Our ergonomic 18 inch-wide seats have been specifically designed to provide great personal space, optimum support and relaxation throughout the flight, offering comfort levels equivalent to latest widebody aircraft.

They are also lightweight, contributing significantly to heightened fuel efficiency and a notable reduction in the aircraft’s environmental footprint.

A spacious and quiet cabin

Our overhead bins have been carefully designed to store the widest carry-on luggage. Enjoy a hassle-free journey, knowing that everything you need is just within reach.

Advanced structure design and soundproofing material, along with LED lighting in the cabin, create a tranquil atmosphere.

USB ports

The forefront of cabin advancements

Seat back and relax in a connected cabin, as we offer the possibility of a standalone In-Flight Entertainment system, and USB ports in the seats.

Thanks to our New Air Management System, the ATR cabin is smoothly pressurised for maximum comfort. Fresh, clean air coming exclusively from the outside circulates through the cabin and is renewed every 5 minutes.


Inclusive innovations

We believe in further improving the accessibility of our cabin for all passengers. Audioback® concept is a hearing aid loop designed to capture any audio input, such as inflight announcements, and send it via a magnetic field signal to hearing-impaired passengers, whose hearing aids are equipped with a Telecoil.

We also offer safety instruction signs in braille on our seats to cater to the needs of visually-impaired passengers.

Our cabin is also accessible to passengers with reduced mobility with a wide aisle compatible with the use of on-board wheelchairs and fully foldable armrests which ease passenger seating.


Elevate your passenger experience 

Embark on a journey like no other, and, as you cruise at a maximum of 25,000 feet, enjoy our high-wing design, which offers you the possibility to marvel at breathtaking landscapes.

With modular seating and galley configurations, and the possibility to increase the cargo space or carry stretchers, our flexible and adaptable cabin is able to address any specific needs and fulfil our aircraft’s essential mission to offer a quick, reliable and comfortable access to healthcare, education and the world economy.

ATR HighLine offers best in style and comfort across ATR’s family of low-emission aircraft

The ATR HighLine collection comprises five main cabin configurations that cover the different operational needs of air carriers seeking to offer a premium flying experience to their guests.

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