Performance That Sets New Standards 

Innovation is key to maintain our aircraft ahead of the curve. Pratt & Whitney Canada’s relentless focus on innovation is the driving force behind the PW127XT engine series – introducing cutting-edge technologies to create an engine that redefines efficiency.

When you choose the PW127XT engine series, you’re embracing a solution that provides: 40% more time on wing for fewer maintenance events, 20% reduction of direct maintenance costs, at least 3% block fuel savings, for lower emissions.

With this new engines series, ATR continues to serve the various needs of its customers, setting new standards for fuel consumption, carbon and NOx emissions as well as operating economics for regional aviation.

The Latest Generation Engine on the Market

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127XT is not just a new engine series; it is the immediate solution to drastically cut down regional air travel’s emissions, whilst also reducing operating costs. A new high-pressure turbine, new bearings and machined gaz generator case enable extended durability. Improved fuel efficiency and durability have been achieved through redesigned low- and high-pressure compressors, and a new power turbine module.

This series is standard for all variants of the ATR 42-600 and 72-600 aircraft. It demonstrates our commitment to improving the economics of our aircraft and limiting its carbon footprint, for a more affordable, inclusive and responsible regional aviation.

The PW127XT engine series is certified to fly with 50% Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and we are actively collaborating with Pratt & Whitney Canada to fulfill our commitment of achieving 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel capability by 2025.

ATR delivers first ATR 72-600 to Air Corsica with brand new PW127XT engine

The world’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer ATR, delivers the first ATR 72-600 with the brand new PW127XT engine to launch customer Air Corsica.

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Efficient by design

Our journey began in the mid-eighties when we partnered with Pratt & Whitney Canada to introduce the PW120 engine. Created by pioneers, our aircraft are highly-efficient by design, and continuous innovation is at the core of ATR’s essence. Now, as then, our teams are constantly striving to bring the most modern and efficient technologies. With the PW127XT engines, our -600 series is by far the lowest emission regional aircraft on the market, burning 45% less fuel and emitting 45% less CO2 than similar-size regional jets.
Pratt & Whitney Canada has been a trusted collaborator and together, we’ve designed an engine specifically tailored to our customers’ needs, one that will significantly boost aircraft availability. With the PW127XT series, we are setting a new pace for the aviation sector.