At ATR, people are always our first priority. We strongly believe that the sum of the uniqueness of each of our people defines ATR’s identity, fostering innovation and creativity in our daily work. We value diversity, multiculturalism, and differences between people. These differences, including in education, personalities, skills, and experience, enrich our business.

Boost a safe working environment focused on open dialogue and work-life balance

We are committed to offering our employees the best work environment so they can bright to light all their talents. At ATR, this well-being policy is applied at various levels of our company, through health and safety prevention at work, work-life balance, or open dialogue with employees and social partners.

We believe these criteria make the undisputable foundation of a solid, flourishing and sustainable business.

Life at ATR

Nurture an inclusive culture based on respect and equal opportunities

We nurture an inclusive culture based on respect and equal opportunities, through our values and leadership model allowing our people to express their full potential.

At ATR, every voice is welcomed, heard, and respected.

Our differences, including in education, personalities, skills and experience, enrich our business. It is from this diversity and our ability to channel it through the professionalism of our employees that we derive our creativity and innovation.

At ATR, we believe inclusion is not about counting people, but making them count.

Diversity & Inclusion

Attract and develop the talents of today and tomorrow

Our individual development and career path policies, as well as our partnerships with schools, are designed to level up our people’s skills and to foster the integration of younger generations.

ATR encourages excellence, value creation and performance, both individually and collectively. Investing in critical and future skills that will strengthen the professions of tomorrow is a major strategic line of our recruitment policy.

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