Flight Safety is an integral part of our industry. Our Flight Safety strategy drives safety improvement in all aspects of aircraft operations. Our objective is to continuously improve the intrinsic safety of the ATR aircraft and the environment in which it operates, ensuring the ATR brand is regarded as a reference for Flight Safety.

Continuous improvement

A key component of our strategy highlights that continuous improvement of our products must be matched with continuous improvement in the aviation system. This is why we refer to and fully support the International Civil Aviation Organisation‘s approach to ‘no country left behind’. As stated by ICAO, all member states should have access to the benefits of safe and reliable air transport.

It is the aviation system, which has driven important safety benefits. From training, technological advances, component reliability, reporting and data analysis. From the repair station to the MRO, to the dispatcher to the cabin attendant, to the flight deck. We all have our part to play.

A safety culture

At ATR, flight safety is not simply the Flight Safety department. With safety representatives embedded through the company we are committed to a true safety culture which engages everyone in the flight safety objectives. Regional Safety managers are located in Miami, Singapore, South Africa and of course Toulouse, close to the ATR operations.

For more information about ATR Flight Safety, visit our dedicated website.