ATR is committed to a responsible business model built around our core values. We have developed a comprehensive Ethics & Compliance programme that provides guidance and principles on how to conduct business in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and in line with the highest ethical standards.

“Ethical behaviour and business conduct are the foundations of ATR culture, reflected by our values of respect and trust. We are committed to never compromising on doing what is right, and we foster a culture of continuous engagement and improvement of our policies and regulations”

We support our employees through continuous training, to ensure that they proactively support ATR’s compliance system.

Our Ethics & Compliance programme includes policies and procedures for zero tolerance against illicit behaviour, anticompetitive conduct, bribery and fraud, aligned to applicable laws and regulations and international best practices.

The programme also covers the management of conflicts of interest, memberships, sponsorships & donations, gifts and hospitality, interaction with third parties.

We encourage anyone who becomes aware of facts or behaviours contrary to our values, codes and internal rules, laws or regulations, to make a report in the utmost confidentiality through our ‘Speak Up’ system.

We have implemented policies and tools aimed at supporting imports and exports to ensure that ATR conducts business only with reputable stakeholders who are involved in legitimate business activities.

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