ATR: delivery and turnover records in 2012

The French-Italian manufacturer achieves turnover of 1.44 billion dollars and delivers 64 aircraft
It also holds the largest backlog of regional aircraft

In 2012 ATR recorded its highest turnover, 1.44 billion dollars. The turboprop aircraft manufacturer also achieved a record annual delivery level of 64 aircraft, an increase of 18% over 2011 deliveries. To these results can be added the sale in 2012 of 115 aircraft (74 firm orders and 41 options), enabling ATR to hold the largest backlog of all manufacturers of up-to-90-seats regional aircraft. ATR thus confirms its leading position as leader in the regional market.

ATR recorded these 74 firm sales, plus 41 options, with 11 customers (see table 1). These sales include contracts enabling it to consolidate its leadership in Asia and the Pacific (Malaysia Airlines, TransAsia Airways, Lao Airlines, Avation) and open up new markets in Central and South America (Avianca-TACA).

ATR also renewed its success with airlines operating island networks (Air Tahiti, LIAT in the Caribbean) and once again confirmed its appeal for aircraft leasing companies such as Air Lease Corporation (ALC), or Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC).

In Europe, ATR for the first time delivered aircraft to an  Austrian airline (InterSky) and once again won the confidence of the Irish airline Aer Arann.

Since the program started in 1981, ATR has received net orders for 1,254 aircraft (437 ATR 42 and 817 ATR 72), more than half of them since 2005.

ATR successes are driven by fast growing economies: out of the year’s 64 deliveries (see table 2), nearly 65% were to airlines operating on fast growing economies, in particular in Brazil, Indonesia and Russia. This represents the results of a long investment in these countries in which ATR has always been very active and in which it has always believed.  Domestic transportation remains an essential part of these economic developments and ATR plays a significant role to answer to this traffic increase. 

By the end of 2012, ATR had delivered 1,033 aircraft (422 ATR 42 and 611 ATR 72).

Filippo Bagnato, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, declared to be “very proud of ATR's results in 2012, of our ability to ramp-up production and of these new records, given the current global economic climate. Our production ramp-up in 2012 is a perfect illustration of the strong market demand for ATR aircraft”. And he added: “We are delighted to contribute to customers and operator’s growth, that face traffic increase and fleet renewals by introducing the new ATR-600 series. Once again, this year, the latest generation ATRs received the top evaluation ratings, not only from the regional operators, but also the investors. The popularity of ATRs with leasing companies is a further illustration of this. This collaboration has enabled us to penetrate strategic markets such as Japan, with the regional carrier Link, where ATRs have an outstanding potential”.

On 31 December 2012, ATR’s backlog stood at 221 aircraft, the largest backlog for regional aircraft of aircraft up to 90 seats. These 221 aircraft have a value of more than 5 billion dollars and represent 61% of the aircraft overall backlog up to 90 seats. They also insure nearly three years of production for ATR.

In June 2012, ATR obtained EASA certification for the ATR 42-600, which is already in service. ATR is at present the only manufacturer offering a range of 50 and 70 seater aircraft. The new -600 series of the ATR is the most recently certified aircraft in its category and benefits from the latest innovations in terms of navigation and communication aids as well as passenger comfort. Despite this recent certification, the new ATR -600 series have already registered more than 280 orders.

Filippo Bagnato stated: "The new ATR-600 series is currently the most modern aircraft on the regional market and its commercial success underlines its ability to meet the demands and needs of airlines worldwide, operating on shorter regional routes. In line with our policy of continued product development, we are looking to continue to upgrade our range of products and will shortly be introducing more innovations to further boost the performance and efficiency of our aircraft. These developments will enable tomorrow’s ATRs to carry navigation and communication systems capable of integrating the very latest traffic management and optimized airport approach functionalities”.

Buoyed by the growth of its aircraft sales around the world, ATR continued in 2012 to expand its operator support network, opening new pilot training centers in Johannesburg, South Africa, and in Singapore. Moreover, a new ATR customer support office has been opened in Sao Paulo to support the increasing presence of ATRs in Latin America, and especially in Brazil.




TABLE 1 – 2012 SALES

Malaysia Airlines Malaysia   20 16
Avianca-TACA Colombia   15 15
TransAsia Airways Taiwan   9 3
Aer Arann Ireland   8 4
Skywest Australia   7  
Lao Airlines Laos   4  
Air Lease Corporation United States   4  
InterSky Austria   2  
Air Tahiti French Polynesia   2  
LIAT Antigua et Barbuda 2   3
Nordic Aviation Capital Denmark 1    
TOTAL   3 71 41


CUSTOMER COUNTRY ATR 42-500 ATR 42-600 ATR 72-500 ATR 72-600
AZUL Brazil       14
AZUL / Air Lease Corp. Brazil       1
UTair Russia     6  
Wings Abadi Indonesia     4 2
Air Nostrum Spain       5
Passaredo / Air Lease Brazil       4
Skywest Australia       4
TRIP / Air Lease Corp. Brazil       3
Caribbean Airlines Trinidad & Tobago       3
Alenia / Marine italienne Italy       3
Air New Zealand New Zealand       2
Jet Airways / GECAS India       2
UNI AIR Taiwan       2
Royal Air Maroc Morocco       2
Precision Air Services Tanzania   2    
Lao Airlines Laos       1
InterSky Austria       1
Alpha Star Saudi Arabia   1    
Finncomm Finland     1  
TAME Ecuador 1      
TOTAL   1 3 11 49


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About ATR

ATR is the world number one regional aircraft manufacturer with its ATR 42 and 72, the best-selling aircraft in the below 90-seat market segment. The unifying vision of the company is to accelerate sustainable connections for people, communities and businesses, no matter how remote. Flown by some 200 airlines in over 100 countries, ATR aircraft opened 160 new routes in 2023, facilitating the development of territories and enabling access to crucial services like healthcare and education. Thanks to ATR’s focus on continuous innovation and the intrinsic efficiency of the turboprop technology, ATR aircraft are the most advanced, versatile, cost-effective and lowest-emission regional aircraft on the market, emitting 45% less CO2 than similar-size regional jets. In January 2022, we flew the first ever commercial aircraft using 100% SAF in both engines. ATR is a joint-venture between Airbus and Leonardo.