A Dedicated Platform for Spare Parts Orders

To improve its customer service performance and support the growing importance of its service activities, ATR reviewed how it manages customer spare parts orders. Following a call for tenders, Accenture was tasked with the creation and follow-up of spare parts quotations and orders.
On 4 March, ATR inaugurated a new platform for managing these activities in its three key regions: Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia/Pacific and the Americas. The forty-strong platform management team is ideally located at one of Accenture’s centers in Mauritius, which is just a few hours ahead of Toulouse. Available 24/7, the platform will enable ATR to process customer requests more quickly.
It will also incorporate a number of activities that have until now been carried out in house, in particular answering frequently asked questions pertaining to orders placed. In addition, it will relieve ATR’s Spares teams of some of their duties, leaving them more time to interface directly with the customers to better understand and meet their needs. ATR will also be able to negotiate delivery deadlines and the prices of some services more effectively with its repair centers and suppliers.
The activity transfer started with the EMEA region and will be rolled out in turn to the other two regions. Activities will be transferred to the Asia-Pacific region and the Americas region in mid-June and at the start of July respectively. The center will be fully operational by the end of the year.