The ATR Regional Operators Forums Tour Toulouse, Bangkok and Miami

The main event in ATR’s Customer Support calendar, the Operators Conference fosters rich and insightful exchanges enabling us to know even more about our customers’ operations and specific needs.

In 2019, ATR opted for a regional format for the Operators Conference, with a tour across Europe, Asia and Americas. The 2019 edition of this major event was successively held in Toulouse on June 3-4, Bangkok on July 2-3 and Miami on July 11-12. In total, 249 participants, representing 72 airlines and 17 suppliers attended the forums.

This regional format underlines the world’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer’s commitment to getting even closer to its operators and addressing their very specific needs. The agenda had been collaboratively elaborated through the “FOCUS” working group, gathering 13 ATR operators from across the world. Discussions were organised into two main themes, Technical Support and Flight Operations, but also included sessions on Vendors management, Safety, Training, and the future of ATR. This comprehensive programme enabled operators to share their questions and feedback.

Colleagues from Toulouse, Singapore and Miami presented all the actions implemented for the past two years, based on the feedback collected during the 2017 edition of the event in Madrid, therefore highlighting the company’s commitment to following through all pertinent issues raised by its customers.

Listening to its operators is at the heart of ATR’s strategy of proximity and continuous development and helps the company deliver solutions that make a genuine impact.