ATR announces the market forecast for the next 20 years

In its Market Forecast (2018-2037) published on July 2nd, 2018, ATR anticipates demand for 3,020 new turboprop aircraft, estimated to be worth more than 80 billion dollars. The future is therefore looking positive for our aircraft, with turboprops enjoying a stable position in the market for regional aircraft with fewer than 90 seats.

Several factors help explain the strong expected demand for turboprops: the surge in regional connectivity over the past 15 years and the potential for the creation of 2,770 new routes over the coming 20 years. Moreover, turboprops remain the most ecologically efficient solution for regional aviation.

The ability to continuously innovate in order to meet the needs of the market is crucial to satisfying the long-term demand for new turboprops. ATR has proven itself in this respect, with the recent launch of the freight version of the ATR 72-600 the “ATR 72-600F,” the ATR 42-600 STOL project and the new ClearVision system which is currently at the certification stage. The development of customer services and support will also be a key factor in the success of turboprops in the coming years.

According to the market forecast for the period 2018-2037, nearly 80% of total demand will be for the 61 to 80 seater category, a market segment which has been dominated by the ATR 72 for years. The remaining 20% will be for the 40 to 60 seater aircraft market, a segment in which the ATR 42 is the only 50 seat aircraft in production. With regard to our market prospects in geographical terms, the greatest demand should come from Asia, with 43% of all turboprop deliveries.