ATR at the Southeast Europe Aviation Summit

ATR has attended the Southeast Europe Aviation Summit, held in Belgrade in March 8 and 9.
On this occasion, ATR had the opportunity to take part in a panel, along with Bombardier and Embraer representatives, to discuss regional market trends in the Balkans.
As stated by the organisers during the event’s introduction, regional aircraft manufacturers are bringing new models into the market, with promises of making great improvements to short and medium haul operations. Thus, the key point is how these new models can help make airlines in Southeast Europe more successful, especially taking into account the high seasonal traffic in the region.
The theme provided by ATR’s Vice President of Sales Europe, our representative at the panel, highlighted the advantages that the ATR aircraft family’s latest improvements, namely the ClearVision system and the new Standard 3 avionics, can bring to regional operations in the Balkans and in Greece.
The panel was also a good opportunity to underline the already widely renowned performance of our aircraft on short runways, such as those of the Aegean sea archipelago.
The Balkans and Greece feature an interesting potential to renew ageing regional fleets, while also giving room to newcomers to benefit from the lowest operating costs and minimal risks of our new ATR -600s. As of today, there are 17 ATRs, mostly -500s, flying over the Balkans and Greece.
Key airlines of the region, such as Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines attended the event.