ATR Begins 2024 with a Flying Start

First Aircraft Delivered to Abelo, Boosting Regional Connectivity for SKY express

On the 15th of January, ATR delivered its first aircraft for the year 2024. The ATR 72-600 left the manufacturer’s final assembly line in Toulouse, France, and was delivered to Abelo, a prominent leasing company, who has placed the aircraft with the Greek airline SKY express. This delivery marks a significant milestone, being the first of 30 firm aircraft ordered by the lessor and exemplifying ATR’s strong start to the year, unwavering confidence and support from its customers, lessors and operators alike.

The versatile and fuel-efficient ATR 72-600 will play a vital role in SKY express’ mission to enhance regional connectivity across Greece. It will replace older models, bringing advanced capabilities and improved efficiency to the airline’s operations. With its modern design and exceptional performance, the ATR 72-600 is perfectly suited to meet the demands of regional travel, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for passengers.

This delivery is a testament to the robust demand for new turboprop aircraft. It underscores the trust placed in ATR by Abelo and the lessor’s substantial orderbook, highlighting its dedication to investing in advanced and low-emission aviation solutions.

As ATR kicks off the year with a flying start, it reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge aircraft that meet the evolving needs of the regional aviation market. With a track record of excellence and a focus on sustainability, ATR remains at the forefront of the industry, driving regional connectivity and enabling economic growth worldwide.