ATR Further Expands Upgrades Offering

Issue #3 of ATR’s External Upgrades catalogue is now out and offers 10 new developments to operators wishing to upgrade their aircraft with state-of-the-art designs and capabilities. Major additions include cabin, aircraft connectivity and cargo upgrades.

With solutions ranging from cabin reconfigurations, in-flight entertainment systems, avionics upgrades to passenger to freighter conversions, ATR operators have access to a vast range of possibilities for their brand new or second-hand aircraft, to explore new business opportunities and enhance passenger experience and aircraft performance.

While ATR has its own catalogue of upgrade solutions, the manufacturer continues to complement its offering with external solutions ‘Supplemental Type Certificates’, provided by external Design Organisation Approval (DOA) partners: Aero Engineering Services, Akka Technologies, ECM Skyservices, Eirtech Aviation Services, PMV Engineering and Recaero.

The latest issue of the external catalogue integrates more than 35 solutions, all of which are designed to meet specific needs expressed by ATR’s market, such as fuselage protections, air-to-ground and SATCOM cabin connectivity, Large Cargo Door, Bulk Freighter Conversions, etc.

Working hand in hand with its external partners enables ATR to bring additional quick and competitive solutions to its operators, so that they can customise their new or second-hand aircraft and further enhance their residual value.

The next revision of the internal Upgrade Catalogue is planned for the end of 2022, and will integrate additional solutions, in line with ATR’s strategy of incremental developments.