ATR gives ENAC a flight simulator

On Friday, June 7, ATR officially presented ENAC with an FFT-500 flight simulator, in the presence of ENAC director, Olivier Chansou, ATR’s General Secretary, Frédéric Torrea, the Managing Director of the ATR Training Center, Christian Commissaire, and the teams that worked on this project. This donation consolidates the close relationships between ATR and this training school for pilots, air traffic controllers and engineers in the various domains of civil aviation.
The simulator will complement ENAC’s training and research tools. It will initially be used to study human factors, and particularly to improve interactions between air traffic controllers and pilots, then in the long term to improve human-machine interactions.
After its installation in the ATR training center in 2005, this simulator was used to help train hundreds of ATR pilots before being replaced by Full Flight Simulators (FFS), the latest generation of dynamic flight simulators. This donation will give the simulator a second life. Its role is now to promote ATR turboprops to ENAC students, thereby ensuring the representation of the company and its products. It will give future generations of pilots a glimpse of the great career opportunities open to them if they choose to fly using an ATR aircraft.

ENAC’s Director, Olivier Chansou, was delighted to welcome this simulator: “This simulator is a fantastic training and research tool, which is in perfect condition and complements ENAC’s range while ensuring that turboprops are well represented in training. A huge thank you to ATR.”