ATR hosted its Worldwide Safety Conference

The ATR Worldwide Safety Conference was held in Bangkok from 26 – 28 June. There were over 115 participants which represented a third of the ATR fleet.

This first global edition was planned following previous regional conferences on the same subject organised in Madrid, Kuala Lumpur and Miami in 2016.

During the conference, ATR presented the latest Flight Safety recommendations and initiatives to our customers. Attendees were able to benefit from the expertise of our Flight Test, Pilot Training, Engineering, Technical & Operational Support and Safety departments with one of the key messages delivered focusing on the prevention of loss of control.

In addition to the ATR speakers, we were honoured to welcome Mr. Jack Durcan from ASL (largest European operator) and Mr. Tom Kok from Aviassist (African branch of Flight Safety Foundation who leads Safety improvements across African continent).

This event was positive for our customers, who showed a strong commitment to cascade, distribute, and use the recommendations and training material within their operations.

All the data, information and feedback from our customers gathered during the conference will be used in our training activities, customer visits, and communications to increase the safety awareness of ATR operators.

Lastly, the open dialogue and frank discussions built trust and openness amongst the ATR operators’ community and allowed to share good practice more easily.

This conference is a major event that allows us to drive continuous improvements in Flight Safety and forms an important part of ensuring we remain close to our customers and operators.