Our logo consists of the ATR name conveyed in a stylised and modern typographic wordmark. Its graphism provides status and dynamism to the brand as well as balance and fluidity. Its lines are suggestive of an aircraft taking off.

ATR logo is a registered trademark and its use is restricted to ATR documents and applications. The logo can be used only by written permission from the ATR Branding department and only using authorized ATR artwork.

Colour palette

Our ATR primary colour is named “Radiant Sun”. It gives warmth and personality to our brand and symbolises power and energy.
Colour specs: R235 G51 B0 / #eb280f / Pantone 2028C / C0M84Y100K0 / Ral 2002

The Dark Grey version is for limited use only, for e.g. on black and white stationery, merchandise etc.
Colour specs: R83 G86 B9 / #53565a / Cool Gray 11C / C0M0Y0K85

The Black version is exclusively used when the colour treatment is not possible.

Clear space & scale

Clear space is the area outside our logo that must be kept free to ensure wordmark impact and readability. The minimum clear space required is defined by the measurement “X” as shown below. This measurement is equal to the height of the letter T in the wordmark.

Minimum size

Our logo should always be clear and legible on print and on the web so we designed a minimum size for both. It is based on the width of the wordmark.
When reproducing the ATR logo in print, the minimum size is 15 mm at 300 dpi. For digital use, the minimum size is 40 pixels at 72 dpi.