ATR Showcases Rising Values to Investors and Appraisers at London Briefing

ATR held its Appraisers & Investors Briefing in London on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, an event which brought together aviation experts, investors, and industry leaders, discussing the current dynamics of the regional market, and providing an update on the ATR program and products.

With the 56 participants in attendance, ATR reviewed the resilience of the regional aviation sector and provided a solid and positive outlook for new opportunities. The spotlight was firmly on ATR’s 42-600 model and its STOL (Short Take-off and Landing) version, emphasising innovative features, latest technologies, making ATR aircraft the perfect choice, for airlines looking for the most responsible and cost-effective aircraft in its class and, for investors looking for value retention.

ATR were pleased to welcome Mark Hughes, Chief Commercial Officer of Falko, one of ATR’s largest lessors, and Mathieu Duquesnoy, Chief Marketing Officer of Abelo the launch customer for the ATR 42-600S (STOL) with an order of 10, and an order for 10 ATR72-600. They offered powerful testimonies highlighting the added value of ATR aircraft, particularly in terms of versatility, economics, and reduced fuel consumption – the ATR -600s being the lowest emission regional aircraft and offering the lowest seat-mile cost in the regional market.

To conclude the day, Patrick Moore, Partner in the assets and structured finance group at Watson Farley & Williams, shared the latest updates on EU Taxonomy for the aviation sector. The EU Taxonomy is a classification system established to clarify which investments are environmentally sustainable, in the context of the European Green Deal.

With a commitment of achieving 100% SAF certification by 2025, combined with limited noise footprint and low level of CO2 emissions, ATR aircraft are perfectly positioned to fulfill EU Taxonomy technical criteria and contribute to a more responsible way of flying.