ATR, the patron of ENAC’s international scholarships

At the end of May, ATR’s Human Resources Director, Olga Renda-Blanche, represented ATR as the “great witness” (grand témoin) at the Fourth International Scholarship ceremony organised by ENAC. ATR’s participation in international scholarships allows students to receive assistance for their time spent abroad during the 2018-2019 school year.

These scholarships gives them the possibility to carry out a study abroad experience, or an internship in a research laboratory or a company. This year, the awards ceremony took place in the presence of the chef Michel Sarran, an aviation enthusiast who holds a private pilot’s license.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, Olga Renda-Blanche restated the importance of the international nature of the courses and the diversity of student profiles, especially through the increase in the representation of women in engineering. Her main message to the students was clear: “Dare and be brave.”

In 2017, ATR signed a partnership deal with ENAC, allowing us to contribute to the establishing of the main teaching orientations of courses in the field of aeronautical engineering. This agreement creates a skills hothouse, that will be necessary to support the future of ATR.

Our agreements with ENAC have also enabled us to develop synergies with the school, by proposing an ATR pilot training course to students lasting less than 2 years. This initiative is part of our approach to accompanying our operators in the commissioning of their new ATR fleets.