ATR Powers Ahead with New, XTra-Sustainable Engine

ATR is constantly working with its partners and suppliers to develop cutting edge innovations that are both affordable now, and sustainable and cost effective over the long term. The latest example of this is Pratt & Whitney’s purpose-built PW127XT engine, which becomes the new standard for both the ATR 42 and the ATR 72 and takes engine durability and operating economics to a whole new level.

Longstanding partnership

ATR’s partnership with Pratt & Whitney goes right back to the start, in 1984, when the Canada-based manufacturer was selected to design and produce engines for the very first 42-300. It is a partnership that has stood the test of time, with Pratt & Whitney remaining ATR’s sole engine supplier ever since, and continuing to adapt and disrupt its models in line with regional operators’ needs.

Its latest breakthrough, developed in cooperation with ATR, is the PW127XT. Like its predecessors—the PW127M and PW127N, launched in 2008 and 2014 respectively, this latest engine uses cutting-edge technologies and materials to yet further improve the cost effectiveness, environmental footprint and sustainability of ATR aircraft.

Step change in engine durability and fuel efficiency

The PW127XT boasts low- and high-pressure compressors, a power turbine module, plus a high-pressure turbine that enables it to operate at lower temperatures. Together, these innovations represent a complete step change in engine durability and fuel efficiency.

Firstly, the PW127XT delivers an impressive 40% ‘extended time on wing’ (additional flight hours over an aircraft’s entire lifecycle) thanks to greater sustainability and durability, by increasing the period required between engine overhauls and hot section inspections to 20,000 hours.

Secondly, it ensures 20% less maintenance costs, with just two scheduled engine events required on average per decade.

And thirdly, it provides a 3% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the previous generation engine. That’s on top of the 40% less fuel used and the 40% less CO2 already emitted by an ATR compared to an equivalent-sized jet! What’s more, in terms of environmental credentials, the PW127XT is in line with ATR’s goal of full Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) compatibility by 2025.

Affordable and responsible

Needless to say, such benefits exert a powerful draw on regional operators worldwide, such as the PW127XT series’ launch customer Air Corsica. They are the latest tangible results of ATR’s core mission to connect people and businesses both affordably and responsibly and to continue producing the most sustainable and cost-effective aircraft in the regional segment.

*XT stands for ‘Xtended Time on wing’

Watch the video about ATR’s new PW127XT engine: