Opening up to the world: a closer look at six new ATR destinations

ATR aircraft are delivering essential connectivity to remote communities around the world. Today we pick six of over 60 new destinations served by ATR since January 2020. Six destinations in six very different parts of the world.

Hakodate, Japan

Hakodate is the third largest city on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, with a population of 279,851 inhabitants.

This port in the Hoshima Subprefecture, famous for its seafood and fish market, is now served by a HAC air service. The connection to and from the city of Sapporo, North of Hakodate, is made by ATR 42-600 via a 40-minute flight.

As a comparison, the train journey between the two cities takes three and a half hours.

Okushiri, in the Hiyama Subprefecture is now also connected to Hakodate, this time via a 30-minute flight. This new air service provides faster links for passengers and communities.

Photos from Unsplash & Pixabay by Hannes Kurth, Mitsuo Komoriya, 紀之 酒井 and BDS.Photo.

Kirkwall, United Kingdom

This new Loganair destination is operated from Edinburgh and Aberdeen with ATR 72-600.

Kirkwall is located in the Archipelago of Orkney, North of mainland Scotland. Its harbour can accommodate cruise ships, something that has boosted the local economy in recent years.

The airport’s short runway (1,428m/4,685ft) makes ATR the ideal aircraft to operate.

Photos from Pixabay by Kevin Phillips, Doris Pecka and VladoZg.

Georgetown, Guyana

Georgetown is the capital city of Guyana, home of the government and financial hubs of the country.

With this new destination, Carribean Airlines provides an essential and unique local air service from Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago.

Carrying up to 68 passengers, Carribean Airlines’ ATR 72-600 helps connect the two cities in one hour and 40 minutes. It’s currently the only aircraft operated on this route.

Photos from Unsplash & Pixabay by David Mark, Dinesh Chandrapal, Sally Vogel and Joshua Gobin.

Charleston, USA

Charleston is the biggest city of South Carolina, famous for the coloured houses of the French Quarter and Battery districts.

The Charleston air service of Silver Airways was launched in November 2020 providing connections to and from Fort Lauderdale (ATR 72-600), Orlando (ATR 72-600 then 42-600 to connect to Key West) and Tampa (ATR 42-600).

Silver Airways is an American airline established in 2011 and based in Florida. Its fleet of 11 ATR aircraft (four ATR 72-600 and seven 42-600) serves over 30 destinations in the South East of the United States, Bahamas and Carribean islands.

Photos from Unsplash & Pixabay by Mark Hemmings, David Martin, 1778011 & RegalShave.

Cap Skiring, Senegal

This new destination was added to meet tourists’ increasing demand to reach this holiday spot from Dakar faster.

Thanks to the ATR 72-600 it now only takes 50 minutes to travel between the two cities when it used to take over 9 hours by road.

CSK airport’s runway is 2,000 meters long (6,562ft), which makes ATR the perfect aircraft to operate this route with up to 70 passengers.

Cap Skiring is a seaside resort located on the Atlantic Coast of Senegal, approximately 70km (43 miles) from the city of Ziguinchor, the seventh largest on the country. Its golf course and sandy beaches lined with coconut trees, make it a tourists’ favourite.

Photos from Unsplash by Eyelit Studio, Vince Gx and Victor Rutka.

Stavropol, Russian Federation

UTair was founded over 30 years ago in Russia and flies both regional and international destinations.

This new route now provides a connection with ATR 72-500 between Stavropol in the South West of Russia and Sochi, a seaside city on the Black Sea coast.

Sochi is a famous summer resort in Russia and this new air service will allow Stavropol people to reach their holiday destination in just over an hour.

Photos from Unsplash & Pixabay by Bojan Varjačić Rajko, aisvri and gmal1987.