We dare to take risks and to leave our comfort zone. We have a short, mid and long-term vision. We think outside the box, challenge the status quo and drive change. We experiment with new ideas and new ways of working. We defend our position as the number one regional aircraft manufacturer and aspire to continue to increase our market share.


We are reliable and open to others. We act as team players towards collective goals. We work in transparency. We care for others and create an environment that enhances well-being. We encourage cooperation & mutual support. We build open and transparent relationships with our customers and our suppliers to be recognised as a reliable and believable partner.


We respect our people, their aspirations, their need to develop their careers, their health and their well-being. We respect each other, and we believe in working together. We respect the environment. We respect our customers and work alongside to support their objectives. We respect our suppliers and their contribution to our success. In doing so we encourage, recognise and coach our people, we pledge to develop our business in a sustainable manner, we commit to choose what is best for our people and for the environment.