Celebrating Solidarity on World Humanitarian Day

Through our partnership with France’s NGO ‘Aviation Sans Frontières’ we make air transport accessible to those who need it most.

World Humanitarian Day offers us the opportunity to honour and thank all the volunteers around the world for their unwavering commitment to protecting and saving people in need. On this special occasion, we are also proud to celebrate our commitment to having a positive impact on our communities. All around the world, ATR aircraft are making a difference every day, delivering essential goods, food, medical equipment, flying doctors and patients, sometimes providing relief to communities affected by disasters.

These shared values are the foundation of a 20-year partnership between ATR and France’s NGO Aviation Sans Frontières (ASF – ‘Aviation Without Borders’). Together, we have been working towards a single goal: sharing our expertise and giving some of our time to humanitarian missions across the world.

Year after year, along with ASF, we’ve partnered with airlines and used ferry flights to carry essential goods, clothing, toys, hygiene products, and medical equipment, for communities who crucially needed support.

In December last year, we carried out our traditional Christmas toy drive, and were once again truly amazed by our employees’ dedication to donate toys which are then offered to schools, NGOs, orphanages or hospitals to bring joy and comfort to underprivileged children. Through previous missions, we collected essential supplies for the populations in Ukraine, delivered aircraft carrying toys, medical equipment and clothing in their baggage holds to Laos and Senegal – and these are just some of the most recent examples.

We also worked with ASF on the e-Aviation mission in secondary schools. This involves workshops presenting aviation professions to teenagers, when they are first making subject choices in view of future careers.

Through these charity activities, ATR is proud to reaffirm its commitment to helping local communities, working with engaged partners and customers, like us, who want to deliver resources and hope to the most isolated and impoverished, and contribute to a world that is both more responsible and sustainable.