Ensuring the Highest Level of Flight Safety on Every Approach

ATR initiated a project to convert a Columbian airport to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), as part of our continuous drive to boost flight safety in every region we serve.

ATR is a vocal and active member of regional safety groups around the world. One of these is the pan-American Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG-PA). And when we tabled a project to shift Colombia’s Guapi Airport from Visual Flight Rules (VFR) to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) last year, it received the full backing of all members.

Secured approach and landing

Located on the Pacific coast, Guapi is only accessible by aircraft or boat and is served by Satena airlines, which currently operates four 42-500s and three 42-600s. The introduction of IFR will improve the consistency of flight approaches and allow the flight crew to take benefit of the on-board technology to maximise safety margins.

Pushing IFR globally

After helping the Colombian authorities to design the approach for Guapi, ATR provided access to our Full Flight Simulator in Miami plus the expertise of training captain Jamie Starr to validate the procedure. We have now started analysing the new approach data to compare with previous operations and can clearly see the safety benefits of the optimisation.

ATR will continue to promote satellite based navigation solutions to optimise approaches and we hope this project will kick-start similar activities across Colombia.