Flight Safety Connection TV: From the Repair Station to the Flight Deck

The theme of the fFlight Safety Connection TV broadcast was ‘From the repair station to the flight deck’. Whenever we read an investigation report it invariably starts in the flight deck. In this 1 hour broadcast we considered a number of investigations where we can take lessons from the wider aviation system starting from repair and maintenance activities. We also discussed incidents of inappropriate aircraft repairs and highlight the existing regulations and best practices to maximize your flight safety margins.

The broadcast was hosted by:

  • Mr. Domenico MELCHIORRE, Head of Customer Support
  • Mrs. Mara SULIGNANO, Head of Fleet Technical Support

Joining Mara and Domenico were:

  • Mr. Paul JOUAS, Flight Safety Director, Accident / Incident Investigation
  • Mr. Pascal GIAVARINI, Fleet Performance Manager
  • Mr. Gilles GOMEZ, Maintenance Instructor, ATR Training Center

As previously the broadcast was open to all in spirit of sharing best practices within the flight safety community. We received questions you had in advance (via connectiontv@atr-aircraft.com) and during the broadcast (a dedicated interface was available).


Broadcast times:

1st Slot: 16/11/2021 8:00am UTC, Toulouse 9:00am, Lagos 9:00am, Johannesburg 10:00am, Yangon 2:30pm, Jakarta 3:00pm, Kuala Lumpur 4:00pm, Manila 4:00pm, Tokyo 5:00pm, Auckland 9:00pm

2nd Slot: 16/11/2021 3:00pm UTC, Toulouse 4:00pm, Toronto 10:00am, Miami 10:00am, Bogota 10:00am, Sao Paulo 12:00pm, Lagos 4:00pm, Johannesburg 5:00pm

We look forward to your feedback.


Christopher McGREGOR
Flight Safety Officer

* For more information, please contact: connectiontv@atr-aircraft.com

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