Flight Safety Connection TV: Managing Every Approach Safely

Dear ATR community members,

The theme of our next broadcast, now scheduled on the 29th April, is ‘Managing Every Approach Safely’.

We strongly believe that the procedures, training and technology are available to manage every approach safely. However, within the industry, we continue to see difficulties experienced in approach. We therefore decided to dedicate this broadcast to highlighting, from an ATR perspective, the on-board technology, the benefits of standardisation and our recommendations to assist your operations reflecting the regions of the world you serve.

The format remains a one hour question and answer session and we would be delighted to benefit from your active participation.

For this broadcast we are delighted to welcome back to the panel:

  • Captain Herve BARTHE, ATR Head of Flight Crew Training
  • Captain Matthieu OLLIVIER, ATR Flight Test Pilot

In addition, they will be joined by our ATR experts on this theme.

  • Ms Marielle MICAELLI, Avionics System Design Engineer
  • Mr Geraud de RIVALS-MAZERES, Flight Safety Director
  • Mr Quentin FAURE, Flight Operations Support

Broadcast times:

29/04/2021 7:00am UTC, Toulouse 9:00am, Yangon 1:30pm, Jakarta 2:00pm, Kuala Lumpur 3:00pm, Manilla 3:00pm, Tokyo 4:00pm, Auckland 7:00pm

29/04/2021 2:00pm UTC, Toulouse 4:00pm, Bogota 9:00am, Toronto 10:00am, Miami 10:00am, Sao Paulo 11:00am

Within our community, open dialogue and your questions and feedback remain an essential part of Flight Safety. To answer them as fully and in as much depth as possible, we would greatly appreciate receiving your questions in advance but we will also have the opportunity to respond to questions in real time.

For more information, please contact: connectiontv@atr-aircraft.com