International Women's Day Campaign 2023

International Women Day  is a great opportunity to highlight the contributions of our fellow innovators who have helped grow ATR. So in the spirit of showing our vision on equity within our company, we have interviewed some of our bright employees who are changing the world and making it a better place every day!

Monica PUTTI – Head of Customisation & Systems Installation

“Believe in yourself and stay humble, be curious and take risks. Develop a community with teammates, mentors & sponsors and enjoy what you do.”

Fatima BOUALI – Head of ATR Performance Improvement

“My advice is don’t self limit, dream big, and most importantly act towards it”

Elodie MOORE – Human resources, Diversity & Inclusion

“Regardless of your background, find a job that gives meaning to and translate your dreams into concrete objectives”


Mara SUGLIANO – Head of Fleet Technical Support

“Don’t be afraid of change, be brave and you will be rewarded for your bold decisions…”

Celine ALBERT – Head of Prototypes Flight Line

“Each success is a victory, each failure makes you grow. Never get discouraged. If it is the job you want to do, you have the persevere.”