Building aircraft, an industrial and human adventure

There are not many aircraft manufacturers in the world so having the opportunity to work for one is special. At a time when the transformations taking place in our society are forcing the sector to reinvent itself, joining the aviation industry is still an exciting and innovative industrial and human adventure. Joining ATR means choosing the world’s leading turboprop aircraft manufacturer for regional transport, aircraft that have won over the hearts and minds of the company’s employees, and are trailblazers in terms of innovation and environmental responsibility (fuel efficiency, lower CO2 emissions, noise performance, and more).

An innovative company with a strong focus on the future

Producing high-tech aircraft for regional airlines is our only activity. We are at the forefront of this cutting-edge industry and the proof lies in the fact that we use the latest manufacturing techniques, select the most high-tech equipment, including engines, and use advanced composite materials, more than any other regional aircraft manufacturer.

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