Pioneering Performance-Based Navigation at Guapi airport and beyond

Over the past years, ATR has been working closely with local aviation authorities, airlines, and other stakeholders to design and implement several Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) approaches worldwide, with compelling results.

ATR has played a pivotal role in the implementation of a cutting-edge Performance-Based Navigation approach at Guapi Airport. This innovative project has been led with the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America (RASG-PA), with the aim to enhance both efficiency and safety margins for air travel in the region.

Pilots flying in and out of Guapi Airport, in the heart of Colombia’s beautiful Pacific coast, have to face a complex geographical location and topography. The transition from Visual Flight Rules to PBN is set to revolutionise flight operations, not only at Guapi but across the entire region.

Available on all ATR aircraft, PBN is a satellite-based navigation system that allows for more precise and reliable aircraft guidance. It replaces conventional ground-based navigation aids with advanced technology, enabling aircraft to navigate with pinpoint accuracy, without the need for expensive infrastructure.

The benefits of the PBN approach at Guapi Airport are manifold. PBN’s accuracy and reliability in adverse weather conditions will greatly improve safety margins for flights operating in and out of Guapi. Data collected over a period of six months before and six months after the implementation of PBN at Guapi Airport are showing significant results. Recorded instances of unstabilised approaches decreased from 12 per year to 0. Similarly, the frequency of hard landings decreased from 2 per year to 0 per year.

Airlines will also benefit from reduced fuel consumption and shorter flight times, contributing to cost savings and reduced environmental impact. In addition, the improved connectivity and reliability of Guapi Airport will boost economic growth in the region by attracting more tourists and businesses.

ATR has been at the forefront of multiple initiatives globally to bring PBN to airports, including a notable project in Indonesia, led jointly with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

This successful collaboration underscores ATR’s continuous commitment to advancing aviation technology while fostering growth and safety in communities served by regional airports.