Training the Trainers – ATR Maintenance Instructor Training Seminar

ATR annual Maintenance Instructor Training Seminar took place at the ATR Training Center. The event represented an opportunity to share knowledge and best practice amongst ATR’s maintenance training community, while some 22 instructors with an accumulative 600 years worth of experience were gathered together in one place. Some of the topics covered during the seminar included updates on regulation, responding to technical evolution of the aircraft, such as the New Air Conditioning Management System (NAMS), freighter, an update on Aircraft Documentation and the evolution of BIBLO. The week also saw information provided on new training courses and associated documents.

Assuring the quality of training that we deliver to Maintenance Instructors naturally has an impact on the quality of training that we are able to deliver. Ensuring that our instructors continually learn, develop and evolve allows them to become more effective trainers. By upskilling their learners with the latest techniques Maintenance Instructors create highly skilled maintenance technicians worldwide. It is these maintenance technicians who are ultimately working on our operators’ aircraft so the skill with which they undertake their work, has a large impact on getting an ATR back into service as quickly as possible. Something which is fundamental to the business of our customers
The Training Seminar also saw the announcement of the news that ATR will host the EAMTC – European Aviation Maintenance Committee’s 71st General Assembly Meeting in the Autumn of 2019.