ATR at Wings India

A delegation from ATR will be present in Hyderabad, where the Wings India exhibition will take place from March 8 to 11, 2018. This biennial event is the flagship meeting on civil aviation in Southern Asia. It will host more than 150 exhibitors, as well as the CEOs and key representatives of various airlines from India and neighboring countries.
The presence and visibility of our aircraft in India recently enjoyed a boost with the signing of a contract for the sale of 50 ATR 72-600s to IndiGo and their gradual entry into service last year. The ATRs, renowned for their ability to open up new routes with the lowest operating costs, have a significant role to play in this highly dynamic market. In 2017 alone, they enabled the opening of 14 new routes across the country, served exclusively by ATR, and generated more than 100,000 new seats.
India, with a population of over 1.3 billion, is poised to become the third largest domestic market by 2020.  To support and encourage the growth of air traffic, particularly to the most remote regions, the Indian government has set up a vast program known as the “Regional Connectivity Scheme.” Moreover, the development of regional aviation across the country also offers opportunities for the deployment of freight traffic and for the arrival of our new ATR 72-600F, an ideal tool to meet these expectations.