ATR Sees Strong Potential for its Aircraft Family in North America

Mid-November, ATR attended the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) conference in Montreal, showcasing how efficient, versatile and future-proof its aircraft are, as part of the company’s efforts to expand its footprint in North America.

With eight ATR operators flying over 50 aircraft across Canada, ATR’s turboprops are praised for their capacity to transport both passengers and cargo to the most challenging destinations, flying where other aircraft can’t, serving unpaved and short runways in cold environments, and offering a lifeline to the most remote communities.

The ATAC conference provided our Sales and Marketing representatives a great opportunity to connect both with current operators and potential business prospects across North America, as we see a strong potential for the ATR -600 to replace ageing fleets, leveraging the many benefits of our latest generation aircraft, and particularly their lower maintenance costs, increased availability, improved reliability and low levels of CO2 emissions. Equipped with the new PW127XT, produced by Pratt & Whitney Canada, the ATR 72-600 boasts a remarkable 45% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to similar-size regional jets.

ATR also identifies Canada as a promising market for its upcoming ATR 42-600S, designed to reduce take-off and landing distances down to 800 metres – the ideal aircraft to operate in harsh conditions on the country’s many short unpaved runways.

This three-day conference provided valuable insights and networking opportunities for ATR to further strengthen its presence in the North American market, as we strongly believe we have the right product to connect Canada and the United States’ regions affordably, reliably and responsibly, and boost their economic activities.

Photos courtesy of Northstar Air