Our employees, our number one asset

Thanks to our active and dynamic HR policy, we offer each employee the opportunity to play a proactive role in their own career development. We encourage excellence, value creation and performance, both individual and collective. We optimise this approach by using digital technologies that make it easier for employees, human resources and managers to interact, allowing everyone to manage their work life and development and build their career within the company.

Development through training and mobility

Career development relies on the existence of professional opportunities in the fields of technical expertise, project management and people management. ATR employees have access to a wide range of high-level training courses (access to the Airbus Group platform, in-house training centre, specific partnerships with prestigious academic institutions and external training organisations, and more) that foster the development of both technical skills and know-how. Personal development also involves geographical or cross-business mobility, whether within ATR or the wider Group.

Health, safety...

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Health, safety...

Because they are essential for the reliability and safety of our aircraft, and because nothing is more important, the health and safety of our employees are our top priorities. Dedicated specific policies, a prevention-based approach and more... Our actions are based on the uncompromising involvement of a network of professionals combined with responsible governance.

... and quality of life at work

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... and quality of life at work

Being an attractive employer also means ensuring your well-being as an employee, your quality of life at work and your work/life balance. It is with this objective that we study the possibilities offered by new technologies and new ways of working, such as the development of home-working, which offers many advantages, with a view to empowering our employees and obtaining mutual benefits.

Diversity as a source of performance

At ATR, every voice is welcomed, heard and respected. We value diversity, multiculturalism, and differences between people, whether they are based on ethnicity, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation. These differences, including in education, personalities, skills and experience, enrich our business. It is from this diversity and our ability to channel it through the professionalism of our employees that we derive our creativity and innovation. Currently, 25% of our staff are women, and ATR is actively continuing its recruitment of female candidates as part of its determination to increase this percentage, in particular through a proactive human resources policy that places particular emphasis on the recruitment and career development of women. As such, ATR is proud to fully support the STEM initiative, which encourages girls and women to engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through local initiatives in schools and partnerships with universities.

Index of professional equality between men and women

For many years now, ATR has been committed to a voluntary and sustainable approach to equality and professional diversity, beyond the legal and regulatory obligations in this area. It aims to promote a balance between family and working life, and to ensure a principle of equity between the progress of women and men and equal treatment with equivalent qualifications, skills and experience.

ATR is pursuing an ambitious policy of equality and gender diversity, which has been followed by concrete positive achievements in 2022:
• 36% recruitment of women in the Engineers and Cadres population (for a target set at at least 35%)
• 22% of women recruited in the technicians, shopfloor and shopfloor supervisors categories (with a target of at least 15%)
• With 44.1% women among our work-study hires and internship offers, we are promoting a greater professional mix from the outset of the career path
• In terms of professional training, our female employees’ access to training is strictly in line with their representation in our workforce, demonstrating a fair distribution of the training performed

A 2019 legislative reform has introduced the publication by companies of an index of professional equality between men and women, reflected in the award of an overall score on 100 points (highest score being 100 points), and aimed at measuring the company’s situation with regard to this approach and existing obligations.

Our overall positive rating of 83% reflects the importance given to this approach within ATR and reinforces the concrete actions implemented and put in place over the past few years on this theme.

Aware of the importance to go further, ATR is committed to actively pursuing its efforts and reaffirms its commitment to maintain policies and actions that make it possible to apply the principle of equal treatment between men and women in practice throughout their professional careers within the company. Objectives have been set to improve our score regarding the index of professional equity in the coming years.

The index is calculated from 5 indicators, which are detailed below:

Index indicators of professional equality between men and women2022 resultsProgress target for 2023
1- Gender pay gap (calculated from average pay, by age group and equivalent job category)38/40
2- Gender pay gap in individual pay increases (excluding promotions)20/20
3- Difference in promotion rates between women and men10/15+5
4- Percentage of women employees who received an increase in the year they returned from maternity leave, if increases occurred during their leave15/15
5- Number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest paid employees0/10+5
Overall score83/10093/100

Very clear environmental objectives

We see ourselves as an active player in the major challenges our society faces. The environment and energy transition are of course part of this. In accordance with the principles of ISO 14001, we are fully committed to continuing our efforts to support the company’s growth while complying with environmental protection principles. Our environmental ambition is reflected in three major commitments: cut CO2 emissions to combat climate change, preserve natural resources and protect biodiversity, and manage the environmental problems associated with the use of hazardous substances. Today, ATR aircraft already have the best energy efficiency of their category and the lowest noise footprints and CO2 emissions. Moreover, since 2012, ATR has reduced its consumption of water by 42%, electricity by 26%, and gas by 28%. And with the launch of a dedicated app in September 2018, 4.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been prevented thanks to carpooling.

Our company sustainability