42-600S STOL

ATR 42-600S STOL takes flight in its partial configuration

The new 30 to 50 seater aircraft capable of taking-off and landing on shorter runways will now enter a phase of ground and flight tests.

11 May 2022 – ATR, the world number one regional aircraft manufacturer, announces the successful first flight of the partially configured STOL variant (for ‘Short Take-Off and Landing’) of its ATR 42-600 aircraft. The flight took off at 10:00 from Francazal airport and lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes.

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Essential connectivity for everyone

The ATR 42-600S is a STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) variant of the ATR 42-600 which has been enhanced to reduce the required take-off and landing distances, down to just 800M*. Thanks to this upgrade, several hundred more airports will be accessible by this aircraft, offering airlines new commercial opportunities and providing local populations with simple access to the global economy, healthcare, education and culture.


Range from a 900M runway


Runway length required



*70% load factor, on a 200NM mission

Access the most remote areas

Increased regional connectivity

Over 1,000 airports have a runway between 800 – 1,000m long and could welcome the ATR 42-600S. The launch of this aircraft will benefit both passengers and airlines thanks to the increased regional connectivity that it will bring.

The science behind the ATR 42-600S

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And discover the comfort of our modern cabin, with outstanding personal space and large overhead bins.

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Unique continuous cockpit innovation for optimal operations

The ATR-600 series’ full glass cockpit provides a comprehensive and ergonomic working environment to the pilots for safe and efficient operations. It has raised the bar in human machine interfaces offering a high level of comfort and demonstrable efficiency gains.

Navigation, communication and surveillance functions are integrated into a modular avionics architecture. This state-of-the-art philosophy is open and evolutionary to allow new software and hardware functionalities to be inserted in the future independently: continuous development is the ATR DNA.

Discover these unique features on-board a turboprop below. They are designed to improve over time.

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Synthetic Vision System to reduce the risk of spatial disorientation


Five large Liquid Crystal Displays designed to improve over time through regular software updates

Engines and Warning Display with Electronic Checklists that automatically pop-up the procedure needed at the right time


Airport Navigation Map to facilitate taxiing at large airports


Latest Performance-Based Navigation capabilities with Baro VNAV, LPV and RNP AR 0.3/0.3

Electronic Flight Bag with on-board performance software, documentation and navigation charts

Temporary Flight Plan and Engine-Out SID capabilities easing decision making

Reactive Windshear with identification of wind factors when impacting aircraft performance

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Data Summary


Weight & Payload


ATR 42-600S
Take-off distance (70% load factor, ISA, SL)
Landing distance (MLW, SL)810m
Range (max pax)680NM / 1,259km
ATR 42-600S
Take-off distance (70% load factor, ISA, SL)
Landing distance (MLW, SL)2,657ft
Range (max pax)680NM / 782mi
ATR 42-600S
Maximum Take-off Weight
Maximum Landing Weight
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight
Maximum Payload
Maximum Fuel Load
ATR 42-600S
Maximum Take-off Weight41,005lb
Maximum Landing Weight40,344lb
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight37,478lb
Maximum Payload11,353lb
Maximum Fuel Load9,920lb
ATR 42-600S
Overall Length
ATR 42-600S
Overall Length75' 2"
Wingspan80' 7"

The ATR 42-600S: Where STOL Meets State-of-the-Art

Due to enter into service late 2024, the new Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) version of the ATR 42-600 has already attracted more than 20 commitments from airlines and lessors. Able to operate on runways as short as 800 m, it is set to revolutionise connectivity to some of the world’s most remote and inaccessible locations.

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