A Step Forward in Aircraft Maintenance Digitalisation

ATR signs a partnership agreement with Swiss-AS

Toulouse, 18 April 2023 – ATR, the world’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer, and leading MRO software company Swiss-AS, today announced a partnership to further improve the digitalisation of airline maintenance management.

Through this collaboration – a first between an aircraft manufacturer and an MRO software company – the two partners are working hand in hand to improve and customise the integration of ATR maintenance data into the AMOS software provided by Swiss-AS to ATR operators.

The aim is to enable airlines to digitalise their maintenance management in the most efficient way with a software tailored to their needs and operational constraints.

Currently, the integration of technical publications, provided by the OEM into the software solution is under the responsibility of the operator and often requires the usage of standalone systems and various middleware to manage data integrity and revisions.

Fabiano Faccoli, CEO of Swiss-AS, said: “We are pleased to sign this partnership with ATR. It represents a step further in supporting operators throughout their digital transformation, making the most of ATR’s expertise as a manufacturer and Swiss-AS’ proficiency in digital maintenance management. This will help them save both time and money.”

Stefano Marazzani, SVP Customer Support and Services at ATR, said: “An aircraft is only valuable when it is flying, which is why, over 20 years, ATR has been helping to increase operators’ fleet time and reduce their costs by optimising maintenance and repair processes. This contributes to making regional air transport more reliable, accessible, and sustainable. Through this joint initiative with Swiss-AS, we continue to innovate and develop solutions through digitalisation to better support our customers in managing their in-service fleet including technical and logistic systems. This partnership will integrate our customers’ requirements in terms of maintenance planning and management with an end-to-end approach to evolve our service and support offering.”

About Swiss-AS

While combining 30 years of innovation and excellence in the area of IT and aircraft maintenance, Swiss-AS has become a fixture in the MRO software market. Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd. (Swiss-AS) is a 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik and thereby embedded into their Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem. Profitable from the first day and highly successful over the last years (no other system has been sold more often and has more often been successfully implemented over the last five years), Swiss-AS has laid the foundation for a trend-setting future by strongly and continuously investing in manpower as well as research and development.

About ATR

ATR is the world number one regional aircraft manufacturer with its ATR 42 and 72 aircraft the best-selling aircraft in the less than 90-seat market segment. The unifying vision of the company’s employees is to help everyone, no matter where they are in the world, to connect and develop in a responsible manner. Thanks to the efficiency of turboprop technology and the benefits of the company’s focus on continuous innovation, ATR aircraft open more than 140 new routes every year, burn up less fuel and emit less CO2 than regional jets. For all of these reasons, ATR aircraft have been chosen by some 200 companies in 100 countries around the world. ATR is a joint-venture between Airbus and Leonardo.