Braathens Aviation commits to up to 15 ATR 72-600s

The operator introduces ATR 72-600s to grow its fleet, expands further in Scandinavia 
Le Bourget, 16 June 2015 – ATR and Sweden-based Braathens Aviation today signed a contract for the purchase of 5 ATR 72-600s and 10 optional aircraft as part of the company’s fleet upgrade strategy. Deliveries will commence at the end of 2015.
The new aircraft, which will seat 72 passengers, will be operated on the carrier’s regional services in Sweden.. The ATR 72-600 will join an existing fleet of 5 ATR 72-500 airplanes operated by Braathens Regional from its base at Bromma Airport (Stockholm City Airport). The new ATR planes will enable Braathens Aviation to press on with an expansion plan and replace aging Saab 2000 units, while its overall ATR fleet will grow.  
These new turboprops will benefit from the latest technological developments that distinguish the ATR -600s with a modern avionics suite, superior cabin interiors, and enhanced engine performance. The aircraft will feature additional navigation capabilities including onboard reception functions needed for precision navigation and landing such as the Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) and Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) capability.
“We are delighted to be adding these newest generation ATR 72-600 aircraft to our fleet,” said Per G. Braathen, Chairman of Braathens Aviation. “These modern ATR aircraft are remarkably fuel-efficient and will help us run our regional operations more effectively while offering superior passenger comfort and a reduced environmental footprint. The new ATRs will support the strong growth in Scandinavia’s regional air transport we anticipate over the coming years.”
Commenting on the deal Patrick de Castelbajac, ATR Chief Executive Officer, stated: “We are honored by the vote of confidence that Braathens Aviation gave to ATR today. We believe the company’s fleet adjustments will provide them with increased competitive ability to match demand and capacity throughout their network.”
With over 260 ATRs in service in the liveries of more than 60 operators, Europe is ATR’s second largest market today. Since the beginning of the program, ATR orders in the region account for nearly 30 per cent of all ATR sales.

About the ATR 72-600:

  • Passenger capacity: 68-78 seats
  • Engines: Pratt & Whitney 127M
  • Maximum power at take-off: 2,750 horse power per engine
  • Maximum weight at take-off: 23,000 Kg
  • Maximum load: 7,500 Kg
  • Maximum range with full passenger load: 900 nautical miles (1,665 Km)

About the ATR 42-600:

  • Passenger capacity: 46-50 seats
  • Engines: Pratt & Whitney 127M
  • Maximum take-off power: 2,160 horsepower per engine
  • Maximum take-off weight: 18,600 kg
  • Maximum load: 5,500 kg
  • Maximum flight range at maximum load: 800 nautical miles (1,300 km)
About Braathens Aviation:
Braathens Aviation carries out operations related to air travel with the focus on domestic and regional flights in Sweden. Its operating hub is Bromma Stockholm Airport, the airport nearest downtown Stockholm. Braathens Aviation consists of different companies that carry out a range of activities related to air travel, principally in the Swedish domestic market. Braathens Regional is Braathens Aviation’s leading regional operator providing cost-efficient and reliable wet-lease operations. With more than 30 years’ experience of cost efficient turboprop flight operations, Braathens Regional delivers high quality flight operations.

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About ATR

ATR is the world number one regional aircraft manufacturer with its ATR 42 and 72 aircraft the best-selling aircraft in the less than 90-seat market segment. The unifying vision of the company’s employees is to help everyone, no matter where they are in the world, to connect and develop in a responsible manner. Thanks to the efficiency of turboprop technology and the benefits of the company’s focus on continuous innovation, ATR aircraft open over 130 new routes every year on average, burn 45% less fuel and emit 45% less CO2 than regional jets. For all of these reasons, ATR aircraft have been chosen by some 200 companies in 100 countries around the world. ATR is a joint-venture between Airbus and Leonardo.