ATR at the 50th Paris Air Show

ATR will be at the 50th Paris Air Show, which will take place from June 17 to 23, 2013.

Practical information:

Chalet: ATR will have a chalet at B-345.

Static display: An ATR 72-600, the best-selling regional aircraft worldwide since its launch in 2007, will be on display at the static area of the exhibition sporting the colors of the Colombian airline Avianca. The aircraft is equipped with a new digital avionics suite and the new ‘Armonia’ cabin, which was specially designed for the ATR by Italian designer Giugiaro. A "concept car” also designed by Giugiaro and synonymous with a famous film will also be on display next to the ATR 72-600 to symbolize the return of propeller aircraft as technology of the future for regional aviation.

Scheduled Press Events:

Tuesday June 18:

10 am: Contract signing (in the ATR chalet B-345)
This contract will be signed following a press breakfast at 9:30 a.m.

11.30 am: Ceremony to celebrate delivery of the first ATR 72-600 to Avianca  (at the ATR static display area).

Wednesday June 19:

12.30 pm: Contract signing ceremony (at the ATR static display area).

12.40 pm: Press conference of Mrs. Nicole Bricq, French Minister for Foreign Trade      
                 (at the ATR static display area).

Thursday June 19:

9.00 am: Media briefing about deals announced at the show
    by Filippo Bagnato, ATR CEO (at the ATR chalet, B-345)

Other ATR events at the Paris Air Show may be announced before or during the event.




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About ATR

ATR is the world number one regional aircraft manufacturer with its ATR 42 and 72 aircraft the best-selling aircraft in the less than 90-seat market segment. The unifying vision of the company’s employees is to help everyone, no matter where they are in the world, to connect and develop in a responsible manner. Thanks to the efficiency of turboprop technology and the benefits of the company’s focus on continuous innovation, ATR aircraft open over 130 new routes every year on average, burn 45% less fuel and emit 45% less CO2 than regional jets. For all of these reasons, ATR aircraft have been chosen by some 200 companies in 100 countries around the world. ATR is a joint-venture between Airbus and Leonardo.