First ATR ‘-600’ Flight Simulator qualified in Latin America

The simulator, set up in Bogota, will be operated by the Colombian carrier Avianca with the support of ATR   

ATR is pleased to announce the set-up of the very first ATR ‘-600 series’ Flight Simulator in Latin America. The Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is located at the training facilities of the Colombian carrier Avianca, in Bogota, and has recently obtained certification from both Europe’s EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and Colombia’s UAEAC (Civil Aviation Special Administrative Unit). The FFS features an electric-pneumatic motion system allowing for silent operation and reduced power consumption, and a front projection collimated 200°x40° visual display system.

The FFS is configured for training on the newest ATR 72-600 series version, and besides Avianca, is also available to all the other ATR -600 series operators in the Latin America and Caribbean region. 

As of today, ATR has more than 170 aircraft operating in the Latin America and the Caribbean region in the liveries of more than 30 airlines, including some 50 ATR ‘-600s’ versions,. Within the next three years, the total of new ATR ‘-600s’ in operation in the region will double.

Today’s announcement is a new major step in ATR’s policy of continuous support to its operators worldwide. The set-up of the new Full Flight Simulator in Bogota will complement the worldwide offer for ATR training, already expanded last year with the opening of new Training facilities in Johannesburg and Singapore. Besides this Avianca project, ATR operates two ‘-600’ Training simulators in Toulouse and Singapore.

Commenting on the announcement, Filippo Bagnato, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, declared: “This new ATR-600 Training Simulator, coupled with our new Customer Support offices in Sao Paulo and Miami, is an important step beyond of our aim to further develop our operator-oriented offer in a region where we have experienced strong success in recent years. Our new ATR ‘-600s’ have become a reference among regional aircraft, also in Latin America. By providing the most innovative training tools and a large customer support offer we aim to consolidate our leading position in the region and to further contribute to the regional air connectivity across the continent”.



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