Japan prepares to welcome its first ATRs

The regional aircraft manufacturer obtains certification from the Japanese authorities to bring the first ATR 72-600s into the country

The European turboprop manufacturer ATR has obtained certification to start operations of the new ATR 72-600 in Japan. This certification, granted by the JCAB (Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau), marks the last step before the introduction of the first ATRs that will fly in the colors of a Japanese airline. The first ATR 72-600s will arrive in Japan in November 2013 and will sport the colors of the new regional airline Air Link.

As part of the certification process, Japanese authorities have approved the operation of the new equipment of the new ATR -600 avionics, such as the MPC (multi-purpose computer), as well as new autopilot, communication, navigation aid and flight management systems.

With the forthcoming introduction of the first ATR 72-600s into Japan, ATR is about to gain a foothold in one of the few countries in Asia where its aircraft had not operated so far. To date, there are almost 260 ATRs operating in the Asia-Pacific region, operated by 50 companies in 23 countries. The ATR 72-600 is also the 70-seat aircraft which has most recently obtained certification from the major international certification authorities, the EASA in Europe and the American FAA.

Filippo Bagnato, Chief Executive Officer of ATR said: “The arrival of the ATR in Japan marks a major step for the European aviation industry. This certification opens up more business opportunities for providing regional services in the archipelago with aircraft which are not only at the forefront of technology, but which also offer the highest standards of comfort along with the lightest ecological footprints. We are pleased at the prospect of being able to give Japanese travelers the opportunity of discovering the multiple benefits of the ATR-600, the most modern aircraft in their category”.

About the ATR 72-600:

  • Passenger capacity: 68 to 74 seats
  • Engines: Pratt & Whitney 127M
  • Maximum takeoff power: 2,750 horsepower per engine
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 23,000 kg
  • Maximum load: 7,500 kg
  • Maximum flight range when fully loaded: 900 nautical miles (1,665 km)



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About ATR

ATR is the world number one regional aircraft manufacturer with its ATR 42 and 72 aircraft the best-selling aircraft in the less than 90-seat market segment. The unifying vision of the company’s employees is to help everyone, no matter where they are in the world, to connect and develop in a responsible manner. Thanks to the efficiency of turboprop technology and the benefits of the company’s focus on continuous innovation, ATR aircraft open over 130 new routes every year on average, burn 45% less fuel and emit 45% less CO2 than regional jets. For all of these reasons, ATR aircraft have been chosen by some 200 companies in 100 countries around the world. ATR is a joint-venture between Airbus and Leonardo.