TransNusa’s first ATR 42-600 to provide versatility for charter operations in Indonesia

The airline upgrades its fleet, announces new marketing direction for newly acquired ATR 42-600

TransNusa Aviation Mandiri, the fast-growing Indonesian airline, today took delivery of its first new generation ATR 42-600. The carrier has options for three more ATR 42-600s.
TransNusa is introducing the new ATR 42-600 for the first time in Indonesia and the aircraft will be a turning point for the airline’s new development efforts towards the fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) charter segment. The 5-year contract award TransNusa won this year from one of the Indonesia’s large oil consortium reflects the market need and that the ATR turboprop is the ideal aircraft type for these services. The ATR 42-600 has versatile capabilities on short, unpaved and narrow runways and is well suited for these demanding operations. Its smooth, high flying speed and new Armonia design interior will give the FIFO passengers a new comfortable flying experience. 
“Placing our turboprop services with ATR 42 aircraft on the stringent FIFO operations represents great value for money for energy companies. It will increase their efficiencies as it enables companies to consolidate their FIFO schedule and still travel direct to their sites even on gravel and narrow runways, while increasing passenger comfort,” TransNusa Chief Executive Officer Jodjana Juvenile said.
Patrick de Castelbajac, ATR Chief Executive Officer said: “We are glad to be associated with TransNusa’s success in the FIFO transport support sector. With the newly acquired ATR 42-600 TransNusa will be able to count on the aircraft’s versatility and flexibility to provide eco-efficient solutions for air charters to any location throughout Indonesia and beyond. The ATR-600 series aircraft will provide TransNusa and its customers with important reductions in operating and maintenance costs optimizing and reinforcing its economic advantages to suit differing needs of the operation.”
It is anticipated that the first ATR 42-600 would enter into service this November. The chartered ATR 42 will open up its first FIFO service departing from Jakarta’s Halim Airport to Matak Airport in Natuna Island, conducting six return flights per week. 
To ensure the smooth and safe running of the ATR 42-600 throughout the FIFO service, TransNusa has chosen to cover its aircraft with the Global Maintenance Agreement (GMA) signed recently with ATR. The contract will ensure the management of maintenance activities and the supply of spare parts for the ATR 42-600 for 5 years.
About TransNusa Mandiri:
TransNusa Mandiri is an Indonesian domestic airline serving the east of Indonesia, mainly Nusa Tenggara, Bali and southern Sulawesi. Its main base is El Tari Airport, Kupang. It was launched in August 2005 serving various destinations from Kupang, Bali, using aircraft chartered from other local airline. In August 2011, TransNusa received its own air operator's certificate (AOC) and scheduled as well as non schedule commercial airline permit.
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